donderdag 9 februari 2012

In this article my Sarah Lund look-a-like sweaters are being mentioned. A good reason to show another Sarah Lund sweater I made. This was my first one, the one I made for my daughter in law Stephanie. This was the try-out version for the motive and it appeared that it had long floats. For Thomas'Sarah Lund cardigan I made a small alteration in the motive chart.
Here are my knitting directions. The original motive is copyrighted by Gudrun&Gudrun and I had to make adjustements anyway to fit the motive in a 24 punchcard. So I made my own variation of the motive. For an improved version of the punchcardmotive look here. This is a combination of machine knit (straight parts) and handknit raglan yoke, borders and finishing. Yarn: Ístex Létt-Lopi, 10 skeins = 1090.0 yards (996.7m)of Colorway light heather grey and: Ístex Létt-Lopi, 2 skeins = 218.0 yards (199.3m)of Colorway bright blue Both purchased at Astrid's Dutch Obsessions Brother 260, Tension4 Front , back and sleeves knit flat. Then joined them for a handknit circular yoke with raglan shaped decreases. I used the instructions from the Lopi book number 27, pattern 18 Nost. Joined sleeves, front and back and decided to knit raglan shaping instead of evenly spaced decreases as usual with circular yokes. I couldn’t manage to make the decreases fit with this large motive. Designing a motive for machine knitting is not easy: this one has very long floats on the backside of the fabric. I had to sew them afterwards. I made a lining for the neckband to prevent the wool from itching.

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  1. Wat een grappig artikel!

    Je trui is erg mooi. Maar een raglan breien op de breimachine is toch ook goed mogelijk? Of heb je hem in het rond gebreid? In ieder geval is het een mooie trui, en daar gaat het om.


    1. Toen ik deze trui breide, was ik nog niet zo handig op de breimachine en hoe je de minderingen moet uitrekenen. Later heb ik nog een raglantrui voor E. gemaakt waarbij ook het raglandeel op de machine is gedaan. Foto volgt nog wel een keer.