dinsdag 31 januari 2012

Sophies Icelandic sweater

We didn't have a real winter in The Netherlands yet, so I didn't think of knitting my granddaughter a warm sweater. Apart from that I was afraid the Icelandic Lett-Lopi wool I used for her parents sweaters, would be too scratchy for her delicate skin. When her dad told me however that the doctor had said that Sophie needed to be dressed warmer, and winter was eventually starting here, I decided to knit her a real Icelandic sweater. No need for ordering Lett-Lopi as I had a lot of leftovers from my Kedja dress. The nice warm red colour would suit Sophie well. Here is how I made her sweater. I chose the Él pattern from the Istex Lopi no. 27 book. That pattern is knit in Plötulopi however, so I used the stitchcounts and directions from another pattern in that book, called firildaslo. That went beautifully. I sent off the sweater today and I really hope it will fit her and will not be too scratchy. She best wears a longsleeved t-shirt under the sweater. Now I'l have to wait for reports and pictures!

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  1. Hé wat leuk, ik zie nu pas dat je een blog hebt.

    Inmiddels komt je IJslandse trui goed van pas! Wat prachtig geworden.