dinsdag 14 februari 2012

Aspen leaf hat

Yarn 1: Evilla 8/3, deep purple, Dye lot 38 Purchased at astridsdutchobsessions (out of stock) Yarn: 2, handspun Ouessant from my own sheep called Madelief, natural undyed white
Notes Knit on my Brother 260 as a test for my version of the shaded aspen leaf sweater by Elizabeth Zimmermann. Funny, it looks a bit like another Elizabeth Zimmermann design: the pillbox, which I only realized afterwards. Felted the hat slightly afterwards in the wasdryer. This opens the rather course Eville wool nicely. Alas, it shrunk the hat so that it didn't fit me anymore. Well, it does fit 8 year old Sophie nicely and wears it all the time. I made a punchcard of the entire Aspen leaf pattern for the tunic and used only the first pattern repeat for this hat. Gauge 18 st x 33 rows = 10 x 10 cm on Tension 2.2 Cast on 84 st. with waste yarn on tension 2 and knit a few rows. Change to main colour and knit 13 rows. Move every other stitch to the adjacent needle and knit one row.Change tension to 2.2.Knit 13 rows. Unravel waste yarn and pick up cast on stitches for picot edge.Knit one row to bind picot edge. Carriage on left side: insert punchcard, choose KC for selecting needles and knit one row. Carriage on right side:insert contrast colour, and change tension to 3. (You might ad a small 2 row border motive here, I forgot) Knit 22 rows (complete Aspen leave motive) Knit 2 rows main colour. Knit 2 rows of small border motive. Change to tension 2. Knit 2 rows main colour. Pick up all stitches with a circular needle and handknit decreases knitting in the round: Decr. every 13th and 14th sts. knit 1 row. Decr. every 12ht and 13th sts* Knit 1 row Decr. every 11th and 12th sts. a.s.o. Matress stitch open edge. Soak the hat and dry it in the washdryer. Watch out for shrinkage and take the hat out while still moist. Shape the hat and let it dry.

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