vrijdag 16 december 2011

simple machine knit wristwarmers

I made some easy yet effective wristwarmers for my Dad. His 84 years old hands suffer from Arthritis so he likes to keep them warm while he´s doing his craft things. These wristwarmers are made from one single skein of sockyarn that I had laying around.

The wristwarmers are partly knit on my knitting machine Brother 862 with Garter Carriage (in Dutch we call it "slak" t.i. slug). The thumb is handknit.


You need: 50 grams of sockyarn (I used Neveda socky, circular ndls 2,5 mm.

Machine knit on Brother 892, Tension 7.
CO 66 st and knit 100 rows in 2 x 2 rib with Garter Carriage. Cast off.
Close upper part of sideseam for about 3 cm, leave a part unseamed for the thumb and close the rest of the sideseam.

Continue handknitting: Pick up about 24 stitches along thumbhole with a 2,5 mm circular needle . Knit 2x2 rib for 4 cm or desired thumb lenght. Cast off.

That is the simplest way (see picture below). For better thumbshaping (see picture above)you might do some shortrowing at the wristside of the thumb:
Knit 4 st., wrap and turn,
Knit 8 st., wrap and turn,
Knit 10 st., wrap and turn,
Knit 12 st., wrap and turn,
Knit 14 st., wrap and turn,
Knit 16 st., wrap and turn,
Knit 18 st., wrap and turn,
Continue knitting in the round.

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