vrijdag 16 december 2011

Mother and daughter hats

These hats were made for my stepdaughter and grandchild.

I like the colour changes in this sockyarn very much and I think they worked out very nice in these hats and the scarf. I knit them on my Brother 862 on Tension 5.

Yarn: Scheepjeswol Invicta Colour, 1 skein = 460.0 yards (420.6m), Colorway 958
and Scheepjeswol Invicta Colour, 1 skein = 460.0 yards (420.6m), Colorway 959
Both purchased at Quiltservice Frederiksoord www.quiltservice.nl

Fish pattern for punchcard comes from “Colourful machine knitting patterns, vol.1”.

Adult hat has 6 pattern repeats, so:
CO 144 st on waste yarn, knit 2 rows and change to MC. Picot edging: Knit 10 rows. Next row: move every other st,. to the adjacent ndl. putting empty ndls. out of working position and knit over it once. Next row: put non-working ndls back in working position and knit 10 rows. Next row: pick up st. from CO row and knit them together with st. on the ndls. Install punchcard and CC and work fish motive card once. Remove CC and knit a few plain rows. Remove sts. to circular ndl, knit a few rows plain stockinette and start decreases:
row 1: * knit 5 st, 2 tog.* row 2: purl,
row 3: * knit 4 st., knit 2 tog., row 4 purl,
row 4:knit 2 tog., row 5: purl,
row 6:knit 2 tog.*
Break off yarn, draw through sts. to close the gap. Close back hem.

The child’s hat has a rolled hem: just knit about 15 rows in MC and let them roll. Childs hat has 5 pattern repeats: CO 120 st.for a toddler size.

Childs scarf has 3 pattern repeats, so CO 72 st and knit a few card repeats. Take off machine and handknit a few decrease rows. I have sewn the long edge on the sewing machine and closed the remaining sts from the short edges with kitchener stitch.

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